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Magna Olea Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Magna Olea is produced in the Vale de Madeiro, Mirandela and has PDO status for the region of Trás-os-Montes in Portugal. Its origins stem from the joining of the Andrade's and Gama's family farms. These were farmers with a long tradition of working the land and in 1989 the farm was carefully restructured and has developed with progressive growth in the recent years.

The property has more than 100 ha of cork tree forested areas, and 20 ha of other land uses, but the jewel in the crown emerges from a modest 48 ha olive grove, home to 8000 olive trees. These trees are mostly of Cobrançosa variety and there is one particular millennial tree which is the inspiration for the brand's logo. You can see it below as it was in 1982.

Magna Olea Premium Olive Oil Millennial Tree

Production is an integrated system (semi-organic), which means dry farming, pesticide free. Magna Olea follow the best practices with an unerring respect for nature’s balance. The farm has also been turned into a case-study for researchers at IPB (University of Bragança) because of its unique high level of biodiversity. In the spring the grove becomes a haven for insect and bird life, and there is a spectacular burst of colourful wild flowers.

Magna Olea Bio Diverse Olive Grove

The dedication shown at Magna Olea has resulted in one of the finest, multi-award winning, and most exclusive olive oils in the market. The early harvest is meticulous and focused on quality which leads to a rare, pure intense oil, full of personality. It has presence with a smooth bitter-sweet sensation to start, giving place to an exotic melting pot of flavours, with notes of apple, banana or tomato, dry fruits (almond an walnut), ending with a persistent spiciness. Each year different notes and intensities make each harvest unique although keeping a strong identity.

Participating in international competitions every year is an important part of the Magna Olea heritage, providing a benchmark of the excellence and high quality standards. In the last 10 years, Magna Olea has been awarded many prizes by the most prestigious international contests, often taking the highest prize. They have consistently been awarded gold and silver at the NYIOOC and were recently proud to announce another Silver at the 2020 event.

Jerónimo Abreu e Lima and Pilar Abreu e Lima

Jerónimo Abreu e Lima and Pilar Abreu e Lima, producers of Magna Olea.

Magna Olea Olive Oil with Artisan Bread

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