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Centonze Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Centonze Premium Sicilian Olive OIl

Centonze is an olive oil producer rooted in history, tradition and a passion for their craft. Based in Belice, olive cultivation there has always been an integral part of the peoples’ history dating back to the 7th century B.C. That is when Selinunte, the oldest and largest colony of Magna Graecia in the west, was built. The people of the region were responsible for the widespread cultivation and spread of olive trees throughout the valley. The ‘Selinuntini’ also produced olive oil. Some of their millstones dating from the 5th century B.C. have been discovered in the area.

There are three primary olive cultivars which are farmed by Centonze which are indigenous to Sicily. These are the famous Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla.

The Nocellara olive is the only Italian olive to have two P.D.O. designations: one for oil and one for the table olives. It stands out with its excellent pulp to kernel ratio coupled with moderate sugar content.

The Cerasuola cultivar is among the most widely cultivated varieties in Sicily. Oil from the cerasuola is characterised by an intense fruity taste which can vary greatly depending on when it is harvested. Earlier, green harvest tends to result in a very intense oil with hints of artichoke and grass.

The Biancolilla olive is one of the oldest and most widespread varieties in Sicily. Its name derives the olive’s ripening phase, when the typical greenish-white colour of the still unripe fruit quickly gives way to a shade of red tending toward purple. Biancolilla is a good pollinator for the ‘Nocellara del Belice’ which is why they are often grown together.

Centonze Night Harvest Sicily

The Centenzo olive oil has some exceptional characteristics arising, in part, from the unique characteristics of the place where the olives are grown. The trees thrive on the minerals which can be found in the local rocks on which the trees proudly overlook the land. The olives are hand-picked during the harvest and cold-pressed to produce oils that are typically green in colour, fruity in fragrance, and rich with complex aromas.

Centonze harvest time Sicily

Quality and character are clearly evident in the Centonze oils. Their meticulous attention to detail in their farming and their production processes has earned them medals as winner of numerous national and international awards. In May, 2015 Centonze was recognized with the prestigious Slow Food Presidium of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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